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Volleyball Set Tips for Improving Your Setting

Learning hand position for setting... With your hands down in front of you, put all ten fingertips together (thumbs touching each other, index fingers touching each other, etc) with the fingers spread wide. Raise your hands up above your head with your fingers still touching. Pull your elbows out to your sides.

Setter Mechanics | Strength and Power for Volleyball

You will learn the mechanics of the best setters in the world. You will have the opportunity to develop the setting skills you will need to compete in college. If you are a complete beginner, this is your chance to develop the correct setting mechanics. You don't want to make the mistake of playing volleyball with poor form.

Volleyball Jump Set Mechanics - Lauren Carlini - Art of ...

A former collegiate standout at the University of Wisconsin, four-time All American, and currently on Olympic team roster, Lauren Carlini breaks down the mec...

What Are the Mechanics of Volleyball? - Reference.com

Volleyball is a team sport in which each team aims to keep the ball up on its side of the net while attempting to put the ball down on the opposing team's side of the net. A team scores when the ball touches the ground on the opponent's side of the net or the opponent is unable to return the ball to the other side within three contacts.

Setting a Volleyball - Strength and Power Volleyball

You can practice setting a volleyball at home by lying down on the floor and setting the ball straight up toward the ceiling. This is a good volleyball setting drill because you can focus on... 1. Setting the ball without spin. 2. Setting the ball in a way so it falls to the same spot repeatedly. 3. Learning to set using quiet hands.

Setting: Teaching the fundamentals to a young player - The ...

Setting technique: Hand-positioning for the front set To teach good setting technique, your first priority with a young player should be to develop their touch on the ball. As Oregon State assistant coach Emily Hiza explains here, setters should work on consistently taking the ball right on their foreheads and touching it with all 10 fingers.

Christie Landry Volleyball Setting Mechanics Pt 2 - YouTube

Christie continues to share the important fundamentals of setting that she values and how she goes about teaching them to the setters that she works with.

5 Volleyball Setting Drills to Develop Strong and Accurate ...

Pay attention to the left/right/set footwork. The right foot should be planted and forward before contacting the ball. Players will tend to sacrifice this footwork as they come off the figure eight movement. Jump sets should be monitored to ensure the ball is contacted high in the air.