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Dig. The "dig" is a forearm pass that is used to control the ball and pass it to the setter at the net. It is usually the first contact by the team and an effective shot to use in defence, such as when receiving a spike. The "libero" handles much of the team's serve reception and is pivotal in backcourt defence.

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– Any volleyball game with people who don’t really know how to play volleyball. A common euphemism for this type of game is “Picnic Volleyball.” JUMP SERVE – A serve that is started by the server tossing the ball into the air and jumping into and hitting the ball in its downward motion. JOUST – When 2 opposing players are simultaneously

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DECOY: A move in which the actual spiker of the ball is disguised. This takes the opposing team by surprise. DIG: The act of reaching a ball spiked by the opponents and passing it to a teammate. DOUBLE HIT: An illegal move that implies that the same player has touched the ball twice in succession.

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In Bounds Vs Out Of Bounds: A pro is serving or swinging at the ball… the volleyball lands in bounds, it’s a point for them. If it lands out of bounds, it’s a point for the other team. If it lands out of bounds, it’s a point for the other team.

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A volleyball hitter is sometimes called a volleyball spiker or attacker. The spike is one of the most fun and athletic plays in volleyball. Volleyball Set. A set is when a player tries to place the ball near the net to assist a spiker in killing the ball.Setting is a skill that must be practiced with many repetitions.

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A defensive play by one or more front-row players meant to intercept a spiked ball. The combination of one, two or three players jumping in front of the opposing spiker and contacting the spiked ball with the hands. Attack Block (Hard Block, Offensive Block) Returning the ball immediately to the attacker's court.

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Let: a serve in which the ball hits the net on the side of the court served on, but still makes it over the net and onto the opposing side's floor, resulting in a point. This used to be a service error prior to 2001. Kill: successful, legal, point-scoring play. It can be from a spike attack, tip or dump.

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Volleyball serve terminology. Underhand serve, overhand serve, floater, jumper, roundhouse, friendly fire, service error, service winner Volleyball Serve Techniques Underhand, Float, and Jump Serve