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Here are the tension ranges we’d aim for the first time you get your racket strung: Nylon/Gut: 50-60lbs (22.5-27kg) Hybrid: 46-56lbs (21-25.5kg) *Because polyester is a stiffer material, string 2lbs (1kg) looser than nylon. Example: Poly at 51lbs (23kg), Nylon at 53lbs (24kg)

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Tennis String Tension Explained Tension is a measure of the force pulled by a stringing machine when installing strings, typically expressed in pounds or kilograms. When you have your tennis racquet strung or string it yourself, a specific tension is applied to the string by a machine.

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It's a personal choice. First, remember that tension is really a matter of personal preference. Even the pros' tensions are all over the map -- some string as low as the mid-to-high 30-lbs range, while others are as high as 70+ lbs, with most others sprinkled somewhere in the middle. So, it's important to experiment and find a tension that works best for you and your game.

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Whenever a tennis racquet is strung, be it at the factory to be sold as a pre-strung frame or by your local stringer, a specific tension is applied to both the cross and main strings. This tension measures weight being applied to the string as it’s pulled through the racket by the stringing machine and expressed in either kilograms or pounds.

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The best string tension for most players is normally between 48 and 54 lbs. A looser (lower) tension offers more power, but stringing tighter enables better control. Beginners will probably want more control, so may prefer a tighter tension at first. Strings lose tension over time, and pros, who use a very wide range of tensions, get very frequent restrings to avoid this.

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Tension. Tension is referring to how tightly the strings are strung in the racquet. Each racquet will have a specific tension range that the manufacturer recommends you string within, usually around 50-60 pounds. Even though you can request your racquet to be strung above the maximum tension, it could void the warranty by doing so.

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Players are moving down in tension on average. We even see some pros string their racquets at around 15 kg / 33 lbs with a full bed of poly (Adrian Mannarino is one example), but then on the other side of the spectrum, Dustin Brown strings his racquet at around 33 kg / 72 lbs.

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All tennis strings will lose tension over time. They begin to lose tension as soon as they leave the stringing machine. Depending on the type of string, in the first 24 hours after stringing, strings can lose roughly 10 per cent of their tension, and this continues when you play with the racquet.