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global.tennis-point.com Reviews | Read Customer Service ...

The Company is advertised through ITF and we thought that is legitimate. We put quite a large order and in 2 days received confirmation that the goods were dispatched. Four weeks later nothing. We tried to contact Tennis-Point and we received a confirmation email that they have received our email.

Tennis-Point.de Reviews | Read Customer Service ... - Trustpilot

Thank you Tennis Point ! I bought tennis balls from tennis-point.de, branded "Tennis Point Premium", they were affordable and I'm very happy with them, they last a lot (well, for an amateur like me). I've been playing with them for a year now and they still bounce well.

Tennis-Point.nl Reviews | Read Customer Service ... - Trustpilot

Tennis-Point has the most inflexible Customer Service I've ever come across. It took me 6 e-mails, 3 unanswered phone calls, an Instagram message and almost a month (incl. bank holiday and weekends) to get my refund. Eventually, I had to PROOF that I paid cash to the carrier because Tennis-Point couldn't track my payment. - Tennis-Point doesn't ...

Tennis-Point.dk Reviews | Read Customer Service ... - Trustpilot

I bought a tennis racket from Tennis-point and after using it only a couple of weeks, the racket started making a rattling noise. I returned it and Tennis-point gave me a new one, no questions asked. Great service. Online customer service lacks initiative and it took too long to get the ball rolling, but overall customer experience was good.

Tennis-Point.co.uk Reviews | Read Customer ... - Trustpilot

I bought a brand new racket, new strings and stringing service. All Wilson. I played a couple weeks, maybe 9-10 times and strings quickly became badly torn, thinned and about to break as if they were being used for years. I wrote to customer service, that it was a faulty product and asked for a refund.

Tennis-Point.co.uk Reviews - Trustpilot

Happy chappy I have been buying all my tennis equipment on this site for age and never had any issue.And one day I receive a tennis bag with a missing strap so I decided to send it back but before that I read some reviews about return items and most of them where bad experiences so I email tennis point and told them about the bag and my concerne about reviews and they answer me 10mns later ...

Tennis-Point.com Reviews - Trustpilot

When ordering rackets, a confirmation letter was not sent. A few days later, I received a refusal due to the fact that the manufacturer does not deliver its product to my country. This is a lie, I only in the last six months twice received products from this manufacturer from the site tennis-point.com.

Tennis-Point.de Reviews | Read Customer Service ... - Trustpilot

2) Tennis-Point sent the item damaged to the Customers 3) Customers send the item back and ask for refund as it’s not their fault that the racket was damaged. 4) Tennis-Point refund only for the racket amount and hold the remaining 30£ (ish) from each customer. I just send an additional email asking to escalate my complaint.

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Trotz de extrem schlechten Bewertungen hier auf trustpilot wollte ich es dennoch versuchen, da ich eigentlich ein großer Tennis-Point Fan war. Meine Bestellnummer ist die 72733454. Ich hoffe, dass ich wenigstens hier eine Antwort erhalte.