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Basketball Injuries | Basketball Injury Prevention & Treatment

HOW ARE BASKETBALL INJURIES TREATED? Ankle Sprains. Treatment for an ankle sprain involves rest, ice, compression, and elevation (RICE). The need for X-rays... Jammed Fingers. Jammed fingers occur when the ball contacts the end of the finger and causes significant swelling of a... Knee Injuries. ...

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Specific tips to prevent overuse injuries include: Limit the number of teams in which your child is playing in one season. Kids who play on more than one team are... Do not allow your child to play one sport year round — taking regular breaks and playing other sports is essential to...

Preventing and Treating Basketball Injuries

Preventing and Treating Basketball Injuries Injury Prevention Tips. Wear gym shoes that fit snugly, are non-skid and have high tops. Use a mouth guard, ankle braces... Ankle Sprains. Ankle sprains occur most often when you land on another player's foot. In most cases, the ankle turns... Knee ...

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Injury prevention is a learning process that evolves over time through experience and understanding, with communication and teamwork being of utmost importance (4). The first step in injury prevention is managing the load an athlete is carrying. Load < Capacity. An injury can occur when the load an athlete experiences exceeds his/her capacity.

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Check the basketball environment. Check the basketball environment is safe and remember to: Remove hazards, such as stones and water, from the playing surface. Make sure backboards and baskets are of a high standard, securely mounted and well maintained. Make sure backboards, their supports and walls are padded.

Prevention of Lower Extremity Injuries in Basketball

Only 10 basketball-specific studies were included in this review and analysis, which is consistent with other studies highlighting the dearth of quality evidence in basketball injury prevention. 48,55 Despite the low number of studies, results positively indicate that injury prevention programs may be successful in reducing general lower ...

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Basketball Injury Prevention. Basketball is a highly demanding and competitive sport. Therefore, it is highly stressful to the body, and often leads to injuries related to overuse or contact with the floor or another player. On average almost half of the players on a basketball team during the course of a season experience injury, and in some cases multiple ones.

Basketball Exercises for Injury Prevention

Double to Single-Leg Bridge (3 sets x 12 reps alternating legs) - lift your hips off the ground by driving through your heels, but before you descend straighten one leg and slowly lower your hips back to the ground controlling your movement with a single leg. Maintain tension on the band the entire time.